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Fats in the UK
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Fat fashion and the body politic in the UK
This is a new community dedicated to fat people in the UK, with a bias towards fashion! The direction of the community will be determined by members, but to borrow a line from our inspiration fatshionista, "We are a diverse fat-positive, anti-racist, disabled-friendly, trans-inclusive, queer-flavored, non-gender-specific community, open to everyone."

All you need to do to be a part of this community is be British, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish or be living in the UK or Ireland. European neighbours are also welcome (I might even rename it Fats_EU if we get enough EU members!)

Currently there are 'no rules', I'm very easy to contact if you feel someone is being an ass arse, and I feel that something is detrimental the community I will look at developing rules beyond 'be nice' and 'no hate speech'. The main principle I stand by right now is

Your Fat Experience is not My Fat Experience

Also known as YMMV. Perspectives offered in this community are just that: perspectives. The politics of diet and diet talk are something that can be discussed here, as long as it's under a cut and readers are given fair warning. This is a Fat Experience community, and not just based around the principles of Fat Acceptance.

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Recommended Reading: (I am trying to compile a 'best of the fatosphere' type list, as well as some good introductory posts to FA and the various principles surrounding it.
Lesley Kinsley's fantastic blog
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Recommended Watching: A Fat Rant by Joy Nash (Check out Fat Rant 2 & 3 while you're at it.)