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Wide fit shoes?

Is there anywhere in the UK which actually does decent wide fit ballet pumps in a size 9, I've tried all the usual suspects DP,Evans and new look but they're all too narrow or give you mad toe cleavage, it's just borderline offensive to pay some of the stupid prices they're asking and to end up still walking through central london in bare feet because they've either fallen apart or my toes are bleeding so much I can't walk.

I'm going to be going to wearing them to a lot of gigs, so i just want something comfy and somewhat plain I can photograph in without having to keep stopping to put plasters on and which wont cost me an absolute fortune and break my heart when they get scuffed to high hell trudging around on the underground.

do they even exist?


Hello fellow fatties,

I'm wondering where you all buy your basics? Preferably online as it's just easier. Just looking for t-shirts, maybe a coupla vest tops but cheapest of cheap! Size 22/24 ishh :) Thanks


Hello UK fats!
I am in a pickle. I need to find a plain white tailored shirt that buttons all the way up to the collar - long sleeved/short sleeved/whatever sleeved. Preferable not see through is a bonus! I'm a size 22, with a 48" bust, 44" waist.

After a militant hunt round the usual offenders (evans, DP, M+S) I found white tailored shirts, but they all didn't button up to the collar, which is a nuisance. Something so simple should be easy to find, but it's infuriantingly not so! Grr!

Any suggestions? I am always thrifting, but don't normally have much luck with shirts in that area. I could fit my own buttons, but I begrudge buying a new blouse to do so. Pah.

Asos Curve Review

Hope this okay to post- I've already posted this on Fatshionista, but thought those of you who haven't seen it yet (and it will probably get flushed out really quickly by sales posts) might be interested in a review of 2 dreses I got from the ASOS Curve line.

I was quite nervous that they wouldn't fit, but as you can see from the photos, they do! So all you UK size 30s out there, you can buy stuff from ASOS! Yay!


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Evans UK launch their blog

It will be interesting to see whether the Evans blog will deign to interact with the established luminaries of the fatshionista-sphere, such as posters like Gabi and Lesley. Hopefully they will post a variety of topics, as I'd like to see more lines drawn between catwalk and celebrity inspired pieces, inspiration for upcoming lines, and interviews with people that really understand the trials of plus sized fashion.

Also street style? Really? Not a very good variety of body shapes and sizes, so poor show for a plus sized fashion blog.


I'm not 100% sure if this is relevant or not, but I figured you lot would be the people to ask! I am hoping to sell some things on fatshionista and inbetweenies but I have no idea how best to do postage for clothes and stuff internationally. Every time there's a post about this on fats it's very Americentric and therefore not that helpful to me at all! So to any of you who sell internationally over on fats, how do you do it??

Yes. No. Maybe!

I'm borrowing this feature from the fabulous US blog, Manolo for the Big Girl

However I thought it would be a good way to get started. I've contacted theoryofgravity, and will be advertising this community in fatshionista this coming friday, so we should have some more blood incoming then!

The general idea is that I'll pick a store, and post a yes, a no, and a maybe. You can disagree or agree with my choices, or post your own yes/no/maybe from the same store.

This week I'm choosing from Yours Clothing.

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So, what is this community about?

Not much, yet!

However I am hoping it will become a useful resource and networking point for fat people with a connection to the UK, be it your place of origin or your place of residence. Outfit of the Days, reviews, commentary on UK fat news and politics? Hopefully we can get all of that in.

Couple of things to note:

1) We are not affiliated with fatshionista, and I doubt their mods are aware of the existence of this comm yet.

2) Do not bring fats drama here please. I'm simply not interested in fostering complaints against the fatsmods. This community is simply about UK fats!

3) I have no set idea about 'sales posts' or anything like that yet, so suggestions would be welcome.

Membership is currently open, so feel free to join and start posting your ideas for this community, if you have any, or post OOTDs and discussion posts. I will try to start myself over the next couple of days!